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Just a day with eveia made me realize that I really wasn't moving enough on a daily basis. At the end of the day, I felt good physical fatigue, a pleasant sensation in my muscles. Also, being an easily distracted and nervous person, I noticed that my work behaviour had radically changed with the use of eveia I was much more focused on my work and I felt calm, relaxed.
Thank you eveia


Manager of a driving school, I spend more than 12 hours a day seated while driving and the office. I don't have time to take my 10,000 steps in my day.
Eveia is the right solution for me! Plus, it's great, it's compatible with my connected watch. I'm active while working. And above all, no more heavy legs!
Thanks, eveia.

PriscaManager of a driving school

Regular exercise takes off years of laziness, study finds

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The story of eveia

last year, i've decided to fight against sedentary lifestyle I've design a "super" active footrest But nobody have trust on me, when i say in July that i will be in january at the CES of Las vegas with functional prototype, i went there with 2 In February, back from Las Vegas, i told people that i would be in the indiegogo platform in may. People say: Too short! Last monday, i've launch this campaign. Result? funded in 3 days!!!!! Next part of the story to write? 2 000 000$ thanks to those who believed in me You can be a part of this story, support an useful innovation

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