The footrest reinvented

eveia – Active footrest

#10000StepsSitting #LoseWeight

Burn calories and improve your health even while sitting

Weight loss

Burn calories while sitting.

Improved well-being

Reduce stress, anxiety and the sensation of heavy legs.

Cognitive performance

Improve your concentration and memory.

Activity partner

Set yourself challenges using the app.

The office of the future, the solution for health while sitting.

“CES 2017 : Notre « must » des objets connectés”


“You would be proud to display this product”

Total Design Reviews

“Eveia, pour faire du sport en travaillant”


“Eveia AF, connected footrest for Active Sitting”


“Le pédalier connecté pour faire de l’exercice au bureau”

Men’s up

Un coup d’oeil

The footrest reinvented

Burn calories while sitting
Unconscious, intuitive use
Monitoring and gameplay app
Easily portable and securable
Charge your phone while exercising

Eveia app

Measure your activity

and share it with your friends

  • Download the app for iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Create your profile to record your activity.
  • Share your results with friends or colleagues and boost your health !

eveiaTM Active Footrest

Patented technology for your well-being.


Designed not to disturb you while you work


Use it at home, at work or wherever you like


Put your feet in position and get moving – you’ll forget it’s there

Energy self-sufficient

No need for a power supply

Activité personnalisée

Your personalised exercise coach

Monitor your activity, challenge your friends, motivate yourself !

Whatever your level of fitness, the eveia Active Footrest offers an intuitive, engaging, motivating experience.

You can also monitor and share your progress from day to day.

ils donnent leur avis


Maxine – Étudiante

Just one day with eveia showed me that I really didn’t move around enough in my daily life. At the end of the day, I could feel a good physical fatigue, my muscles felt good. What’s more, as someone who is twitchy and easily distracted, I noticed that my attitude to work changed radically when using eveia: I was much more concentrated on my work and I felt calm and relaxed. Thank you eveia.

Prisca – Gérante auto-école

I run a driving school, and between driving and office work I spend over 12 hours a day sitting down. I didn’t have time to do my 10,000 steps a day or do any sport. eveia found the solution for me! What’s even better is that it’s compatible with my smartwatch. I stay active even when sitting down and I burn calories!
Best of all, no more heavy legs! Alongside yoga, it’s perfect.
Thank you eveia.

Fabriqué en France

Colours and quality

Our product is designed and developed based on the highest current standards to guarantee the best experience – and it’s 100% made in France!

You can choose from four colour combinations.

The choice is yours – treat yourself!

Take advantage of 34% off !




Technical specifications

Energy generation







30x13x38cm (HxLxP)

Bluetooth 4.0 Ble

iOS, Android, Windows Store

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