Case Study : Protection 24

with Vincent, Innovation Director

« Over a number of days, I was able to use the Eveia without making an effort, and sometimes even forgot it was there.
I’m sure I’ll get physical benefits from using the footrest regularly. »

Tested et approved

Invest in behavioural change and improved health for your employees.

Whatever their level of fitness, the eveia solution offers an intuitive, engaging, motivating experience.

Generate activity with our gamification and activity tracking programme. Challenge your teams and employees with a healthy, beneficial spirit of competition. Measure and qualify visually the impact of your programme on your employees’ health, commitment and absenteeism.

A study analysed the impact on the health and well-being of sedentary workers.

It’s conclusion : Light physical activity at work improves employees’ health and productivity.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine – Total Worker Health Intervention Increases Activity of Sedentary Workers

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