Why is eveia Active Footrest better than the alternatives ?

Because it was designed by a user for users. This means it is ergonomic in everyday use, silent, connected and built to last.

Can eveia Active Footrest be used under a desk ?

Yes, that’s what it was designed for from the start. It generates a gentle, regular, smooth movement thanks to its flywheel with adjustable resistance.

Can I use it with a wheelchair ?

Yes, the movement is not elliptical, so your hips do not move backwards and forwards.

I work in an open-plan office. Will it disturb my co-workers ?

No, its high-quality construction using the best materials makes it completely silent.

Can you really pedal and work at the same time ?

Yes, it’s as natural as talking while walking. And as Nietzsche said: “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

I’m no good at DIY – is it easy to set up?

Yes, there’s no need for tools and the set-up is very intuitive.

Will the mobile app work on my phone?

Yes, the eveia app works via Bluetooth LE and is compatible with recent Android phones, iPhones and, for business devices, Windows.

I want to buy several footrests for my offices. Where can I find more information ?

Contact us and we will help you get the best from eveia.

How should eveia Active Footrest be transported ?

It’s simple – it has a built-in handle, the pedals fold away and the feet are tidied in the bag supplied. The dimensions are designed to fit in a rectangular cabin bag.

Can the eveia app synchronise with my Fitbit or Apple Watch ?

Yes ! The app synchronises with your different accounts and adds your steps and the distance walked to your connected devices.

Where can I download the eveia app ?

From the Apple Store, the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store.

How many calories will I burn per hour ?

You can burn 100 to 150 calories an hour. An average user pedals for nearly 4 hours a day, burning nearly 600 calories while sitting down.

How much does the eveia Active Footrest weigh ?

The eveia Active Footrest weights just over 9 kg, less than a pack of mineral water bottles.

What are the dimensions of the eveia footrest ?

The eveia footrest measures 30 x 13 x 39 cm.

What are the warranty conditions ?

Eveia comes with a two-year warranty. We have even planned for the future with the option of maintaining your solution with spare parts.