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vincent Fourdrinier - Fondateur d'eveia

Last year, I gained weight, at least 3 kg. But I hadn’t changed anything in my diet or level of activity. Carrying out a little research, I discovered that it was because of the time I spent in front of a computer screen at work. I realised I had become sedentary, and I had to do something.

So I bought a watch to count my steps, and then I bought an exercise ball to replace my office chair – not very comfortable. I bought in an electric desk that goes up and down, but I was still standing up without moving… I tried a treadmill, but it was much too expensive and noisy and took up too much space.

Finally, I developed my own solution – a user-friendly desk footrest for staying active when I’m sitting down, which even connects to my watch. We presented it at CES in Las Vegas in 2018. It was a great success. “Eveia” was born.

Now it’s up to you to lose weight and improve your health, even when sitting! No more excuses for being unfit.

— Vincent Fourdrinier, founder of eveia

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